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C Diamond

Performance Enhancement and Anti-static Treatment for CD,DVD,HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray

This coating treatment for disks provides for significantly improved performance for both audio and video. Our treatment fills microscopic pores of the surface of the disk. This permits a more direct transmission of the laser beam through the CD.

The coating also eliminates static electricity build up that attracts dust and dirt. The build up is eliminated and prevented from recurring wihout the need of any additional equipment such as anti-static guns. C Diamond does it all completely on its own. The Audio has much more clarity especially with respect to instrument separation and location. Video pictures have improved definition and color purity making them far more enjoyable to watch.

We have ensured that this product is safe to use on disk surfaces (neutral ph of 7) through continuous testing since 1992. Since 1992, we have had a each of these disks immersed in C Diamond. Periodically, we take them out and test them. No damage or deterioration in performance has ever been found. Similar products made by other manufacturers have been found to have a ph reading lower than 7 making it acidic. Acidic treatments can, over time, cause deterioration of the surface of a the disk

We are offering this product simply because it provides such significant improvement in fidelity. The two ounces are enough to treat at least two or three hundred disks.

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