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Contact Cleaner, D-Oxidizer

We suggest cleaning and di-oxidizing all contacts once each year. There are many contact cleaning products on the market. Some are priced as much as $49.00 per bottle. We developed ours to be more effective and at a much lower price. We provide a large 2 oz bottle, enough to take care of a large and elaborate system several times over. All competing products that we have seen are a one liquid one step procedure. We believe that one step solutions do not wipe away all dirt, corrosion and oxidation that develops on you connectors over a relatively short period of time. They simply dislodge the debree, but it remains on the contact surface

Below is a copy of the instructions inclosed with CLEAN-TACT. Reading it should show why our two step is more effective.


All competitor contact cleaners that we know of are a one part one step cleaner. Whereas, ours is a two step cleaner. The one step cleaners will dislodge dirt and grease but do not completely wipe them away.



Shake well. Place a small amount of the solution on a thin cloth and rub all contact surfaces. Some connector manufactures coat a very thin plating of gold or rhodium; as little as 2 microns. Rubbing too vigorously, too long may begin to abrade the plating. Gently rub the contact surfaces. There is no need to rub vigorously because the Solution A will clean and dislodge any corrosion and hardened grease easily. Then remove all visible residue with a dry portion of the cloth. For RCA female phono jacks, we recommend using pipe cleaners, (included) and available from tobacco shops for refills, preferably one that is stiff and that will act in a mild brush-like manner. Insert the pipe cleaner in the jack and push it in and out to clean and dislodge any dirt and corrosion.


DO NOT SHAKE BEFORE USING. Shaking the solution before application will start a foaming action prematurely and lessen the cleaning effectiveness. Solution "B" contains a foaming agent that foams when brought in contact with the residue of solution "A". This foaming action completely wipes away all dirt and corrosion dislodged by Solution "A" which one step competing cleaners do not do.

Place a small amount of the solution on the cloth and wipe away all dislodged residue. There is no potential problem if rubbing vigorously with Solution B.

We recommend cleaning all contacts at least once per year.

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