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I’m very pleased with Lat SS1000MK2 the servo-woofer cables, your excellent customer service, and would like to sort out something similar for the mid/high drivers of the Genesis speakers. These are not nearly as complicated!!
18 July 2008

It was not a problem picking up from the office – in fact, as we were away, it was convenient as it meant there was someone there to sign for them

The new cables must be pretty much burnt in by now (!) and are sounding great. There are similar benefits with them only they show themselves in slightly different areas, given that the cables are on the mid and high frequencies. There is greater resolution – you can hear more of what is in any recording – stuff I hadn’t heard previously is now obvious! Also, imaging is pin-point and extends far beyond the side of the speakers, and with far more depth than previously. Overall, we are delighted with them

If I need new cables in the future I would have no hesitation sourcing them from you and will recommend you and your services to friends. Many thanks for all your help with my cable ‘upgrade’ project

Mr D P - 11 August 2008 - LAT SS1000 MK2 and SS1000 MK2 Biwire

I have received it yesterday, Tuesday.

Simply put, the
IC-300 Signature is the Best Interconnect i ever had thePleasure to listen to! Neutral, Transparent and Dynamic, everything thatan Audio Cable should be... When you take into account the Moderate Pricing, itis hard to phantom why would anyone want to Spend anymore on the Likes ofNordost, JPS, Cardas, Kimber Select and all the other Over-Hyped, Over-PricedSnake Oil Brands that the AudioIdiots Community love so much! RealMusic lovers need not to look Elsewhere, the LAT IC-300 Signature is all theywill ever Need. A truly Outstanding audio Product.

Thank you gain and best regards,

L R - Portugal

The Cyrus Discmaster sounds really good with the LAT power cables. (AC-2)

Mr DK 4 July 2008 ( Surrey, UK)

The cable is brilliant, the quality of the cable compared to the one from iChord is so much better in terms of build and sound.

I've still got a long way to go before it is "burnt in" but I'm very pleased so far.

BT - London 13 Aug 2008

IC-300 for Ipod

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