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Green Line

CD Performance Enhancement

With the apparent demise of Audio Prism, their popular and effective Stop Light product is no longer being produced. So all of you fans of this product, and there are many, need not fret. We have been and are still producing our equivalent of this product that we have named Green Line.

This is a product that is applied on the edges of a CD disk. It provides very significant improvement in the sound quality of the disk - but why? The green material absorbs stray and refracted rays of the laser beam that after penetration into the disk, scatter and bounce back off of the inside edge of the disk causing smearing of the data.

We have found that the effectiveness of the treatment is related to how closely the wave length of this green material is to the complemementary wave length of the 790 NM laser beam. A simpler example is the relationship of the wave length of a color of blue that is the exact complement to a wave length of a color of yellow. The blue and yellow will cancel each other out and what remains is black. Black is the absence of color. In the case of this treatment, the stray bits of the laser beam that are bouncing around in the interior of the disk are canceled out; eliminated. Our Green Line is formulated to match exactly the required complementary wave length of the laser beam.

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