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Analog IC

IC-300 Signature
A State of the Art Analog Interconnect, now Deep Cryo treated in the USA and again in the UK.

The IC-300 Signature is our newly developed top of the line analog interconnect. It took more than a year of development work to design an interconnect better than our prior top of the line IC-200 MK II which many customers have considered the best interconnect available.

This cable excels in a number of areas; most prevalent it is super fast, has outstanding dynamics, focus, inner detail, and harmonic accuracy - and most important, it is enjoyably musical! These improvements are attributable to new design/construction developments. Specifically: the weaving geometry is done with a planetary cabler. This weaving machine, allows engineers more freedom in designing more complex and more effective weaving geometries. This process also produces a much more accurate and consistent weaving geometry. Accuracy and consistency from foot to foot is essential to replicate and realize the benefits of the theoretical "on paper" design. The process is much more labor intensive, primarily in the set up for the production run, and in monitoring during the run. Consequently, it is more expensive to produce.

This new cable takes advantage of silver in its design through use of our proprietary Silverfuse conductors. The IC-300 Signature has multiple conductors that are solid core, and individually insulated with a version of Teflon (which we modify to our specifications); resulting in, we believe, the best insulation available. While it is purchased as PTFE Teflon, we are modifying it during the wire manufacturing process. Again, a little more costly. Our modification to the PTFE Teflon insulation allows for substantial reduction of the signal discharge back into the metal conductor. Explanation: All insulations covering a metal wire will absorb a portion of the signal as it flows through the metal wire. That signal will discharge back into the metal wire, although it is delayed by a small fraction of time. This discharge back smears the real time signal that is passing through resulting in small but discernable distortion.

We continue to use our proprietary Silverfuse alloy conductor material. (see our description of Silverfuse further below).

We have developed a shielding system that is completely independent of the signal carrying conductors. This ensures that no RF or EMI gets into the signal - dead quiet background. We have also included a heavy-duty outer jacket to protect the interior and to also prevent against sharp bending of the cable. We have found that cables that do not have this additional protection, if bent too sharply, can be susceptible to sustaining small fissures (cracks) in the conductor which, over a period of time; degrade the performance of the cable. This is one of the reasons that used cable gets into the used cable market. Performance has deteriorated and usually the former owner does not realize why. This is especially true of cables that use a mesh cloth as their only outer protection. (Mesh cloth outer coverings are a sign of a hand made cable. See our Cable Hype page concerning the problems with hand made cables).

We use Locking or non-locking RCA connectors; your choice. The locking connectors are are snug-fitting thus avoiding accidental fall out of the connection. Both of these connectors have bodies that are machined rather than stamped out of sheet metal. See customer reviews at audioreview.

We recommend choosing our new non-locking RCA that has significantly reduced mass. It is slim and sleek. There is even a saddle in the middle that reduces the amount of mass. We are finding it provides a significant improvement over locking and other bulky plugs. The low mass (of metal) principal we believe was originally created by Eichmann who make the fine Bullet RCA connector. Our president, personally prefers this plug over even our own excellent locking plug.

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