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Record Cleaning Solution LPs,45s, and 78s Record cleaning solution for all record cleaning machines or for use manually with a good cleaning brush. Good cleaning solutions can cost as much as $64.00 per gallon. We have developed a solution that our customers tell us is not only better, but also at a much lower price. Our solution is not alcohol-based. We are suspicious of the long term effects of alcohol that most other cleaners contain; plus the fact that acohol does not remove bacterial growth that accumulates in the groves. Kleer disk does, and does so effectively. We have spent considerable time in testing and ensuring that our product is not only the most effective available, but also that it is safe on vinyl records and 78s. We have resurrected records that were previously unplayable, including some that were previously cleaned with competing solutions but were still unplayable.
(makes 1/2 gallon)

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