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EXPLANATION OF OUR PROPRIETARY SILVERFUSE CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Silverfuse is a near alloy of silver and copper. IT IS NOT SILVER PLATED. Silver plating causes a dioding effect when signal is passed through resulting in brightness and distortion. Because silver plating has a bad reputation, some manufacturers try to disguise the fact by calling it silver coated, silver clad or silver copper hybrid. But they are all silver plated. Our Silverfuse process starts with six nines OFHC copper wire with a diameter that is slightly larger than the required size. It is then pulled through a trough of molten silver. The wire with a silver deposit is then forced through a compacting process where it is subject to tremendous pressure. The silver and the high purity copper are fused together into a near alloy. The compacting fusion also reduces the wire diameter to the desired size. No dioding subsequently occurs with this process. The result provides for the benefits of silver; which are excellent definition and clarity, with the high purity copper benefits of warmth and mellowness.

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