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Anti-Vibration feet
Several Companies are marketing vibration absorption feet made of sorbothane or similar material. We have replaced our sorbothane feet with ones composed of a new material. We learned of a material developed by an aerospace vendor. This material was developed because of a serious problem encountered in commercial aircraft. Specifically, continuous vibrations of the craft cause abrasion and failure of electrical wires. This new material is being used in aircraft wire harness clamps that hold wire in place. It has an extraordinary capacity to deaden vibrations when used in our Vibra-killers feet. Customers are puting it up against the most touted competing product and are reporting back that ours is significantly better.

While the material is, of course, important, the shape of the feet and the design of the retention device is also very important. Ours are unique in this respect and we believe they are very effective. Their shape and design of the bottom retainer tray also enables them to self-adjust their rigidity for varying weights. This is why they can be used for components as light as CD players, turntables, and amplifiers weighing as much as 28 pounds (set of four feet). Vibra-Killers will not cause rings on your furniture or mar the finish in any way. (Sorbothane will. Vibrapod will as they state in their web site)

We are offering this product in the heavy duty size of 2" diameter base, 1 1/8" high. Should your component weigh more than 28 pounds, place more feet under the component. Each foot supports up to 7 pounds. There is no need to permanently attach the feet to your components. Simply place the component on top of the feet. The dampning effect of this new extraordinary material provides significantly tighter bass and improved detail over the entire audio frequency range as well as heighten transparency, speed of transience and dynamics - all of which provides for a very natural presentation.

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